Things You Can’t Make Without On Soundcloud: Followers

There are a few important features on SoundCloud that every artist on the platform must know. Things like likes, reposts, shares, followers, etc. If you want to learn more about the basics of this and every other social network on the internet, click here.

Without some of this, you simply can’t do without. You need to pay extra attention to getting them and keeping them too. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the followers. Read on and learn all about it.

More followers make more of everything else

There’s an absolute need for more followers no matter how much you have them. The urge for more no matter how much you have is completely normal. That’s why trying to get more is absolutely normal.

When you start your career on SoundCloud, you see artists who already have thousands of them. You imagine how hard it was to get all these followers. It’s true, this is not an easy job. They had to work 24/7 and do everything else that’s needed for maximum success.

But, what is this everything else?

Hard work is one of the most important things on the road to fame. That’s completely true and no one can deny it. However, hard work is not the only thing.

Every artist knows that no matter how great work they do and how amazing their music is, no one will know about it unless someone promotes their stuff to the public. This is called marketing in the music industry.

With this in mind, and talking about SoundCloud, it’s clear that no one can get a lot of them with just publishing great stuff. You need a lot more.

One way to do it is to simply buy SoundCloud followers. A lot of people think they are just bots or computer robots who do nothing, but these are actual and real followers who will do everything an ordinary one will.

This is the best way to build your number of fans. When you get over the number of 1000 everything becomes easier. Whatever you post will come up on the screen on more than 1000 people and they’ll be able to listen to your work the first moment you publish it.

How to always get more?

When you post a new track, it’s important to get more plays and likes fast. The likes are coming from your followers or other users on SoundCloud. Plays, however, can come from anyone visiting the internet and visiting your profile.

To get more plays, you can share your new track on other social networks. You probably already have a profile on some of them. If you don’t – make one. If you do, make sure you nurture it just like your SoundCloud profile.

The more friends and connections you have on other social networks, the bigger the chance for your music to be heard. When you share it everywhere, it may become viral on one social network and be completely silent on another.

That’s not a problem, however, because all plays from other networks come on your SoundCloud profile and that’s exactly what you need. If some of these new fans of yours, register and press like and start following you, that’s just a bonus.

More followers on SoundCloud means more reposts

One of the main tools on the platform is the repost. The repost makes all the fans of the person reposting your track be able to hear it even though they are not following you. All of them are instantly becoming your potential fans.

However, for them to start following you, they must like what you did. They must like your music. That’s why we say that good work comes first and marketing follows. Doing everything to make your profile look more successful is marketing and it will futile if you do poor music.

Another feature that’s great on the platform is the option share. The more people following you, the more chances for them to share your stuff on other social networks. All this can be highly beneficial for your profile and your future career. See why sharing is important here:

Think about it, some of them might be small on SoundCloud but they might have thousands of followers on Instagram, for example. If they share it there, thousands of people might click to see what you created. That’s just amazing.


Without this feature, SoundCloud would just be a place where people keep their music and no one can hear it. With all the features installed, every new, young, and talented artist can promote their ideas and creativity.

Unlike before, now everyone can become a star with just a little investment and a lot of hard work. Of course, when we say hard work, we actually mean creativity, inn

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