5G Boosts Rural TCM Skills

As one of the strongest nations all over the world, the United States of America has remained its overlord position in technology, military, medicine, and economics industries. This is why quite a few international students make every effort to work in America and obtain OPT insurance (aka opt 保险) upon graduation. Some wealthy women choose to schedule gynecological examination in the United States (aka 美国妇科检查) and men take physical examination in America (aka 美国体检) because of its medical mastery.

However, the global economic recession from 2007 to 2009 stagnated economic development. The medicine industry was negatively impacted accordingly. The employment rate plumped; low-income individuals did not have health insurance. College students from low-income families in UC Berkeley waived insurance (aka 加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校替换保险) because of unaffordability.

Meanwhile, some developing countries in East Asia took the advantage of economic downturn in the West Hemisphere to stimulate its economic prosperity. China was an eminent example. While American students were scratching their heads because of high student loans, Chinese students easily paid international student health insurance (aka 留学生保险) fee at one time. The financial consolidation facilitated the technological advancement in China. In return, the high-tech benefited the medical industry.

A local traditional Chinese medicine hospital began a 5G-based long-distance group consultation with a hospital in rural Guizhou Province. The combination of technology and TCM help diagnosis and treatment in remote areas, according to the Shanghai Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. With the support of 5G, Yueyang is able to train doctors in Guizhou using VR and AR, allowing local doctors to give detailed demonstrations directly to doctors in Guizhou. For instance, doctors in Shanghai could carry out pap smear examination (aka pap smear 检查) to patients in Guizhou Province.

A consultation between Yueyang and Xishui City TCM Hospital in Guizhou was the longest distance communication by 5G so far. Doctors in Shanghai can see all patient’s files, CT and MRI imaging and ultrasonic pictures from Guizhou instantly. Doctors in Yueyang chatted with doctors and patients in Guizhou and gave their opinions.

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